Not all those who wander are lost - but I'll be disappointed if I don't get lost frequently!

About Sammy

You'd think that after five very long years of being a poor uni student, and graduating with an engineering honours degree, I'd be pretty keen on getting a real job and settling down to build a career and make some money in the real world.


Instead, I decided to do what I had been dreaming about doing ever since I was old enough to realise that there were countries other than Australia. I got out there and started exploring them. 

In my travels, I've followed just one simple rule: NO REGRETS. As some very wise person once said, "Fear is temporary. Regret is forever."

This mantra has led to some pretty amazing experiences over the last two years: bungee jumping off not one, but two bridges in Africa, eating the most delicious Turkish delight in Turkey, spending one amazing hour with a family of mountain gorillas in Rwanda, and making snow angels atop Jungfrau wearing only a summer dress and a scarf to 'winterfy' my outfit.

So, where to next? Wherever my whim, fancy, or budget allows.

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