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Monday, 21 March 2011

The Final Countdown

Just over two days to go until I fly away from  Australia, to what will hopefully be a very exciting time travelling through Europe. It's all a bit surreal- I don't really think its really hit me yet that I'm finally doing it, really going away, actually going to get on a plane and leave.

It's been a long process, organizing all the paperwork, money transfers, travel arrangements, what clothes to take and not to take, what do I need to buy now and what can I pick up along the way if needed. But the essentials have been done:

Travel Insurance - check
Vaccinations - check
Backpack - check
Passport and Visa - check, check
Plane ticket - check
Sense of adventure - oh, god yes!

The standard clothes, shoes and guidebooks are all ready to go. Something that I have packed, but would never have thought of myself is a stubbie holder. Apparently they don't have them in Europe, how uncivilised! But have I forgotten anything important? That is the real question.

A famous travel quote is that before you go, you should lay out all your clothes and all your money, then take half your clothes and twice your money. I'd love to follow that advice but I'm afraid that taking more money isn't much of an option. However, I'm going to make the most of what I do have - I'm planning on coming back to Australia hideously broke. In fact, if I come back with unspent money, well, you will know that I didn't really enjoy myself!

So, au revoir my friends. I shall miss you, even though it is likely that I will be having too much fun to notice!

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