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Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Day After the Night Before

These are the travel notes that I wrote for myself about the 9th May, 2012:
  • Today was a complete write-off
  • I woke up most likely still drunk
  • Things went downhill pretty quickly
  • Couldn't keep anything down all day 
  • Felt like death warmed up trying to drink a milkshake at the Arusha shops
  • Spent the entire rest of the day on the beach, not moving and wanting to die
  • Tried taking anti-nausea tablet when we stopped at the White Parrot campsite for the night. 
  • Fail. Threw it right back up.
  • On second attempt managed to keep down another anti-nausea tablet and some hydration salts, with a handful of plain pasta for dinner.
  • Went to bed very early

As you can see, I had a really great day. I don't think my travel doctor quite envisioned me using my medicine kit for the treatment of severe hangovers when he gave it to me and prescribed all the goodies in it! But you have to take the bad days with the good, and I certainly had a good day (or three) before this rather awful one.

**HOT TIP: Hydration salts are amazing for hangovers! Since my Africa trip, I've done some experimentation with them. Dissolve some in a glass of water before you collapse into bed, then have some more when you get up. Hangover averted!

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