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Friday, 7 December 2012

Where in the World is Sammy?

The answer to that, for the time being, is somewhere in the United Kingdom.

At this exact moment in time, I am at Euston station in London, awaiting my train to Birmingham. Over the next few weeks I will be making my way north for Christmas and New Years in Edinburgh. 

That's right - I'm not content with the barely above freezing London weather - I'm heading north to where it is actually freezing already, and is set to only get colder as the new year approaches. 

As of a few weeks ago, I knew I was flying into London, and I knew that by Christmas I needed to be in Edinburgh. But what was I going to be doing in the middle of that I had no idea. So I sent a question into the 'You Asked for It' section of the TNT magazine and left it for them to decide for me. They did, and I also scored a free Lonely Planet guidebook of my choice to boot.

Q&A - What the lady from Lonely Planet and TNT suggested I do.
Thus, I now have some vague idea of what to do and where to go for the next few weeks. My plans are reasonably fluid (apart from going to see the new Hobbit movie, which I must see on opening day). I'm hoping to head to the Peak District and have a look around there and visit one of the big stately houses there: Lyme Park, best known as Mr Darcy's house in the Pride & Prejudice BBC miniseries. Yep, where he came out of the water dripping wet and stumbles upon Elizabeth.

For Christmas, I plan on hanging out and being merry with any other orphans in the hostel I'll be staying at in Edinburgh. The hostel looks awesome, and has a 'Posh Lounge' with open log fireplace - which is where I'm planning on spending a good part of Christmas day. I especially hope to find myself, glass of mulled wine in hand, watching the Downton Abbey Christmas Special on TV come the evening. 

After that I'm off to the highlands for a whirlwind tour taking in the major sights before back to Edinburgh for the almighty Hogmanay. A New Years experience that I am hoping will live up to the hype! 

Then, when 2012 become 2013, I will have to look at my finances and job prospects before figuring out what is next on the agenda. 

Another year, and another adventure awaits me. 

Wending my north to Edinburgh. 

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  1. how do you get her job at the lonely planet? i suppose you need to travel as part of the job description- would be right up your alley sammy. xx mum