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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Africa Bound


I had a morning flight to Nairobi, and luckily enough, two of my truck mates were on the same flight so we organised to meet up at the airport. We exchanged description of the clothes we were wearing and managed to bump into each other in the bathrooms near our gate.

The flight to Nairobi was bumpy but uneventful, and getting my Kenyan visa was a breeze, so I was one of the first at the baggage belts. Murphy's Law though, my bag was one of the last off the plane!

Smiley was my driver to take me from the airport to Karen Camp, where our truck trip would be departing from the next day. It's pretty obvious why he has been re-christened as Smiley, because a smile never leaves his face. He was quite a character, and gave me a quick lesson in Swahili, translated a few lines from The Lion King for me, and told me a few fun facts about things we passed.

I noticed that there were lots of churches and schools around, a fair bit of traffic on the roads and lots of greenery as the seasonal rains have just begun. It was strange to see such everyday Western things like Toyotas and billboards, set amongst very basic buildings in some instances and street markets. I was also surprised to find that Nairobi has its own game park, right up on the edge of the city.

The camp was basic, but good value and I quickly met my fellow truck mates who had already arrived. After dinner and a beer, it was off to bed to get some beauty sleep before the trip started officially the next day.

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