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Monday, 30 April 2012

Anzac Day in Africa

After a rather restless, squished, and snoreful nights sleep, we all hauled ourselves out of bed for a 6am Anzac Dawn Service on the truck. There are eight Aussies on our trip, and our trip leader is a Kiwi, and we were all in attendance. Pretty much everyone else turned up to the service, so Canada, Britain and the USA were all represented.

Ed had been organised and got together some readings etc for the service (thanks Ed), and the service was led by Malcolm, our Kiwi tour leader. The readings were lovely, followed by the Ode to the Fallen, the Last Post and one minutes silence. To round off the service, the Aussies sang the national anthem, mumbling through many of the lines. We all forgot the words at least once! Then Malcolm sand the NZ anthem, all on his lonesome.

Most people went back to bed for a little while, but myself and a couple of others had a cup of tea, then at 7am went and watched the circus that was the handyman trying to break into our dorm room. Forty minutes later, one annihilated door and jam, and we were in!

We went to the markets to grab some samosas to take on the truck as we wouldn't be stopping for lunch on the truck. We hopped on the truck at 11am, and headed for the Ugandan border (a smaller crossing than the one three days previous). Once we'd crossed into Uganda, we drove through some of the best scenery we've had so far - up through a mountain pass. Most people spent the drive hanging out the windows taking pictures of the gorgeous views.

We pulled up in Kabale again, at the Little Ritz in Africa hotel/campsite where we'd stayed previously. This time we had the place to ourselves, so we set up our tents inside in a big room (we still need tents for the mosquito factor).

After dinner we had a rather boisterous game if Two Up, to keep us in the Anzac Spirit. We were betting with Ugandan shillings that have an exchange rate of approximately 2500 to 1USD, so it sounded crazy to hear people making bets of 2000, 5000 or going all our with 10000! We were also using Ugandan coins to flip, so the calls were for either cows or shields.

Then it was time for a few drinks while playing the game 21, then off to bed.

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