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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Back into Kenya

Welcome to a new month and welcome back to Kenya. We had an early start so that we could hopefully get through the border crossing in reasonable time and make it to our next campsite early enough for a swim in the sunshine. But TIA (This Is Africa), and we were stuck behind a long line of trucks blocking the road to the border, due to a few of them that had decided to go for a bit of a roll.

On entering back into Kenya, as if on cue, the clouds rolled in and it started pouring with rain. Despite our best intentions of arriving nice and early mid-afternoon at the campsite not far out of Eldoret, the rain turned the roads into rivers (they haven't yet heard of roadside drainage in Kenya) and it was after 5.30pm and decidedly miserable weather when we arrived. Tom and Amy braved the pool for a few seconds, but it was freezing cold. Fun fact for the day: Bill Gates stayed at this riverside, overland campground and hotel a few years back.

The camp had a really cool bar and restaurant area, one huge large undercover area that was held up by carved poles and it had a small creek running through it. You also had to walk through a winding tunnel to get to it. We all had a beer sitting around the open fireside in the centre of the bar, soaking up the warmth before getting stuck into an Indian buffet dinner.

Just before dinner, it started to rain so I ran back to the camping area to get my still wet clothes off the line and chucked them in my tent before running back to the bar. After a long day on the truck we were all famished, and a dinner where we didn't have to cook and prepare ourselves made it taste twice as good! During dinner, Jodie stole some of my "tomato" sauce, but it was actually chilli sauce and she burnt her mouth. She's very cautious about stealing food off my plate now, as our chilli palates are not compatible!

After dinner and a bit more time chilling by the fire, one by one everyone called it a night and headed to bed. Vicki and I joined the others after a while, but i wanted to put up a clothes line under a shelter so hopefully my clothes might dry out a bit more before the morning (and also not stink out our tent). So I spent about ten minutes arranging the line and tying it in place before going to get my clothes out the tent. It was after all that work that I discovered that I had thrown them in someone else's tent by mistake, and they were already asleep! Uh oh, I think a Numpty nomination might be coming my way!

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