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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Relaxation, With a Little Exhilaration Thrown in for Good Measure

Nine of us had signed up for jet boating on the Nile today, so we got up and had a leisurely breakfast overlooking the river while awaiting confirmation of what time we were heading off. We got the news that we'd be picked up at noon, which left us to have a leisurely morning chilling out at the campsite.

It was a forty minute ride to where we were meeting the jet boat, at the same point where we started the whitewater rafting the previous day. This time we went upriver, towards the new dam. The jet boat was exhilarating, doing 360's, brake stops and surfing over the smaller rapids. Needless to say? We got very wet!

Then it was back to camp for a late lunch, and more rest and relaxation! We were on cook group tonight, so we made burritos for dinner, with a huge amount of guacamole. Cooking for the group is quite enjoyable, especially when Jozi has speakers in the condiments cupboard to play some tunes while we are cooking.

Dinner, Numpty Nominations (Mosquitos received the Numpty for giving Grace malaria), paid our tabs (which were quite large after all the activities we'd done) then bed.

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